Hiking Checklist: 5 Thing that You Must Have While Hiking

Who doesn’t love hiking, right? Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a long walk into the nature. The amount of joy and refreshment you get from hiking is immeasurable. The sun, the air, and the nature all these combined makes an experience which is beyond description. Sometimes hiking can be dangerous. while hiking some kind of trouble may occur and make the whole experience bitter. If you don’t have the proper preparation and have all the things that are important before going to the walk, you might also suffer from a bad experience while hiking as well.

hiking checklist


We’ve constructed a checklist. Below we will discuss the 5 main things that you must have before going to a walk. So, let’s take a look at them.

5 Must have Gear While Hiking

1# Some kind of navigation: It is really easy to get lost while hiking. Specially, you choose a spot with which you are not familiar. Without a proper navigation system or a map, you can be stuck there for hours, days even weeks. So, you should never forget to bring some sort of navigation system with you. You should always bring a compass with you. If you have a GPS make sure that you bring it with you.

2# Water filter: If you somehow get lost and do not have any GPS or map you could be stuck there for days. The water you brought (assuming that you brought water before) might end. Then you might end up depending on water from a pond or some other source (If you are lucky enough). But the source can be contaminated. So, make sure you bring a backpacking water filter with you and make sure you’ve got the best backpacking water filter(you don’t want to end up with a broken water filter, right?). With this, you can easily have access to clean water.

3# Extra cloths: If you are planning on a week-long hike, then make sure you bring extra pair of cloths. Also, if you choose a place where it’s cold in the night make sure you bring warm cloths like jacket or any other of your personal choice. Because you don’t want to freeze in cold.

4# Flash light: Make sure you bring a flash light (or a pair if you think you might need) with you. This will help you navigate in the dark.

5# First-Aid supplies: This is the most important of all. If somehow you get injured this will help you save your life. Infections can be very easily formed in jungle. So, make sure you clean your wound properly. Your first – aid kit must have the following –

  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Butterfly bandages / adhesive wound-closure strips
  • Nonstick sterile pads
  • Medical adhesive tape (10 yd. roll, min. 1″ width)
  • Safety pins
  • Anti-allergic ointment
  • First-aid manual

If you bring the above-mentioned thing while hiking you going to enjoy a stress-free hike. With nothing to worry about you will only enjoy mother nature.