How to Hit a Baseball

Even the professional baseball players sometimes want to know how to hit a baseball and they might testify that hitting a baseball, again and again, is one of the most daunting tasks in the sport. For, even when the ball is pitched in the same place time and again via a batting machine, the nervousness might get the better of the batter. Throw in a real-life pitcher – and the varieties of the ball he can pitch, and it is safe to say that the difficult would go a notch up.

how to hit baseball

However, if you learn the aforementioned factors, you’ll be in the position of hitting a baseball with aplomb. Have a look.

Part 1: Get into position

First of all, you need to learn how to stand in the batter’s box. For, if you are a right-handed batsman, you ought to stand on the left side of the home plate in the box. As for a left-handed batsman, opting for the right side in the box seems the optimum choice.

Secondly, you need to determine which of your eyes can be dominant. To determine which of your eye is dominant, place your baseball bat at a distance of 6meters from you.

Now, extend your arm in front of you. Afterward, raise your thumb so that the object’s view is shrouded. Now, taking turns, shut off both eyes alternatively. The eye which allows you to see the distant object more clearly is the dominant eye. Next, choose your stance. It all depends on what makes you most comfortable.

Now, you need to hold your bat correctly. To do so, make sure that its grip is amid your fingers – and not between the palms. For a right-handed batsman, it is imperative that his right hand’s palm is pointing in the upward direction. At the same time, the left hand’s palm should be pointing downwards. For left handed batsmen, do the exact reverse.

Lastly, you need to learn how to raise your bat. After bending both elbows, push up your rear elbow until it is aligned with your rear shoulder. More importantly, both your elbows should be 6-8’’ away from you. Also, your rear shoulder should be 45* below the bat.

Part 2: How to swing it

There are seven steps to perfectly swing your bat and make sure that it hits the ball. Let’s take a brief look at each.

#step 1:

you have to watch the ball. When the ball has been thrown by the pitcher, keep your head steady and your eyes focused on the ball.

#step 2:

make sure that your entire weight is shifted to the back leg to the point that your back leg and shoulder are aligned. Now, after raising your front foot, take a little step in the direction of the pitcher.

#step 3:

it is important that you keep the front leg stable. However, if you feel that a flat knee doesn’t make you comfortable, bend it as per your discretion.

#step 4:

when you’re about to swing, raise the back heel. At the same point, you should shift your weight from the rear to front leg. This will make sure that more power is added to the swing.

#step 5:

to make sure the bat swings at a maximum speed, swing your entire body, including your hips. At this stage, your elbows should be bent and folded in the proximity of your sides.

#step 6:

when you are about to hit the ball, make sure that your bat is parallel to the ground. Similarly, make sure that it has come level to the plane of the trajectory of the ball. To get a good hit, try to hit the ball with the “sweet spot” of your bat.

#step 7:

hit the ball in the follow through of the swing. In simple words, you should hit the ball when the swing is at the most powerful position.